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About Us

Cetogenix is a climate tech start-up company committed to building renewable futures. We’re doing this by developing technologies that will enable the transition from fossil resources to truly renewable resources. Our technology development focuses on the conversion of the billions of tonnes of organic waste produced around the world every year, into renewable energy, nutrients, and products, using a novel combination of hydrothermal oxidation and novel mixed microbial biotechnology.

Cetogenix is based at the Scion Te Papa Tipu Innovation Park in Rotorua, New Zealand, providing a great place to live, work, and play. 

Current roles at Cetogenix

Summer Internships
Cetogenix, based in Rotorua, is offering a range of exciting summer internships for talented and motivated New Zealand-based students to contribute to our cutting-edge R&D projects. These roles provide hands-on experience in innovative technologies and the opportunity to work with a team dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions.


*     Close date
- Applications close – 31 July2024
*     Internship dates - 10-weeks –between November 2024 and January 2025
*     How to apply - select a project title, click apply - send a cover letter and resume.

Join Cetogenix and take the next step in your career by contributing to innovative projects that make a difference!

Check out and apply now for the following internship projects.

Internship - Enhancing the Fermentability and Biodegradability of Hydrothermal Oxidised Organic Waste

Cetogenix is excited to offer a dynamic internship opportunity for two ambitious students to contribute to our cutting-edge R&D project focused on the downstream processing of Ceto-Boost™ system products. The primary challenge is to understand and enhance the biodegradability of aqueous products (liquors)produced through hydrothermal oxidation. This involves testing the biomethane potential (BMP) and fermentability of these liquors in small-scale fermentation batches.

Contribute to our research on improving the biodegradability of hydrothermal oxidation liquors. You'll conduct small-scale fermentation experiments and analyse data to optimise our processes. This internship offers hands-on lab experience and the chance to develop technical and communication skills.

Internship - Understanding and Optimizing Multi-Phase Flow Dynamics in High Pressure Systems

Cetogenix is offering an exciting internship opportunity for a talented student to join our R&D team. This project focuses on optimising the design of our hydrothermal oxidation reactors by understanding the impact of high temperature and pressure on mass transfer within a linear reactor system. Given that direct observation within the sealed metal reactor is not possible, the student will design and test a laboratory-scale multi-phase flow unit using optically transparent materials to simulate reactor conditions.

Help optimise the design of our hydrothermal oxidation reactors by studying multi-phase flow dynamics. You'll design and test a laboratory-scale model to simulate reactor conditions and improve mass transfer. This role provides practical experience in fluid dynamics and collaboration with our expert team.

Internship - Optimizing Energy Recovery via Heat Exchanger and Thermal Battery Design

Cetogenix invites a motivated student to join our team for an exciting internship focused on optimizing energy recovery in hydrothermal oxidation reactor design. The primary challenge is to achieve autothermal operation of the reactor, ensuring efficient heat exchange and incorporating thermal batteries to store heat for use during heating failures or maintenance periods.

Focus on achieving autothermal operation of our reactors by designing an efficient heat exchanger and thermal battery system. You'll build and test prototypes, gaining experience in thermal system design and energy recovery. This internship offers a unique opportunity to work on sustainable energy solutions and develop critical technical skills.

To apply, please select available role or project titles to learn more.