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About Us

Cetogenix is a climate tech start-up company committed to building renewable futures. We’re doing this by developing technologies that will enable the transition from fossil resources to truly renewable resources. Our technology development focuses on the conversion of the billions of tonnes of organic waste produced around the world every year, into renewable energy, nutrients, and products, using a novel combination of hydrothermal oxidation and novel mixed microbial biotechnology. We are currently recruiting to grow our core technical team undertaking research and product development of our first product, Ceto-Boost™, which we are targeting to be market ready within the next two years. Cetogenix is based at the Scion Te Papa Tipu Innovation Park in Rotorua, New Zealand, providing a great place to live, work, and play. 

Why are we hiring?

We are currently recruiting to build a core technical team that can drive our research and product development programmes.

Summer Internship - Evaluation of product recovery technologies

Summer Internship - Evaluation of product recovery technologies

Cetogenix is a climate tech start-up company committed to building renewable futures. We are developing technologies that use a novel combination of hydrothermal oxidation and novel mixed microbial biotechnology to generate alternatives to fossil-based energy and materials.

Cetogenix is currently seeking an intern for the 2023/24 Summer period.

The student will review relevant literature to optimize the approach and understand the principles of existing product recovery methods. The main body of work will use laboratory-scale equipment and our custom-built recovery system kit to test a range of process variables and configurations.

The internship project outcomes will be used by Cetogenix to assess the efficacy of separation concepts for further evaluation and ultimately the integration of a preferred separation method into our proprietary integrated organic waste-to-renewables platforms.

Ideally, you will be a 3rd year engineering student with interests in the practical application of chemical, process or mechanical engineering principles. You must be prepared to spend the duration of the 10-week internship at our research facilities in Rotorua.

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Summer Internship - Optimising climate tech R&D project delivery

About the project you will contribute to

The coreof Cetogenix lies in the Ceto-Boost(TM) prototype and pilot plant R&Dprogram.

This initiative represents the nexus of innovation and efficiency for climate change technologies.

You will learn about project execution, coordinating schedules, tracking progress, and maintaining clear communication channels, documentation, compliance, and overall project efficiency. Bridging the R&D team and operational excellence, your contributions will play a role in the Cetogenix program's objectives.

About the role

This is a role for a business, or science student, your responsibilities include:

*    Supporting R&D procurement plans

*    Understanding and documenting systems and processes specific to operating an R&D organization or startup

*    Assisting in data collection and analysis to support project decision-making.

Cetogenix Benefits

  • Competitive salary and potential for employee shares (ESOP)
  • Focused on maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  • Flexible leave provisions
  • Diverse and inclusive workplace where you will be part of setting the culture
  • An innovative technology company on a mission to make a global difference

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