We must transition from fossil carbon

Bioresources are a sustainable alternative…

…if transformed into renewable products…

…with no waste left behind

Building renewable futures

About Cetogenix

Cetogenix is a New Zealand-based, global-focused climate tech company unlocking the hidden potential of organic waste streams to deliver renewable carbon resources.

Our Ceto-Boost™ platform uses the power of hydrothermal oxidation to precisely deconstruct and ultimately transform waste into useful products, such as renewable natural gas, renewable chemicals, and biomaterials, at a scale that will be instrumental in replacing our reliance on fossil resources.

Address barriers to sustainable waste management
Eliminate critical sources of greenhouse gas emissions
Enable the de-fossilisation of our daily lives

Cutting-Edge Technology

Discover our pioneering Ceto-Boost™ technology that transforms complex organic wastes into valuable resources. This hydrothermal oxidation process maximises resource recovery and minimises environmental impact by eliminating contaminants, like micro-plastics and pathogens without needing external energy input. Learn how Ceto-Boost™ is revolutionising waste deconstruction and climate change mitigation.

Transforming Waste into Value

Explore how Cetogenix is redefining waste management with our Ceto-Boost™ technology. By harnessing organic waste bioresources, we address the critical need to transition from fossil carbon. Our innovative approach unlocks significant environmental and economic advantages, optimizing value recovery and eliminating contaminants. Discover the diverse applications of Ceto-Boost™ in municipal wastewater, agricultural biogas, and industrial waste management.

Our Team

Our talented team is the driving force behind Cetogenix's success.

Our team excels in environmental science, technology development, waste management, and commercialisation. We are currently focused on scaling Ceto-Boost™ and products beyond our first offering - watch a short video about Cetogenix.

Check out the team, our board, and you can also watch a short video to see more about Cetogenix.