Building renewable futures

Cetogenix is a clean technology company focused on developing sustainable solutions to tackle climate change at a global scale.  

Our first technology targets the 1.5 billion tonnes of organic waste generated world-wide and addresses the growing demand for renewable natural gas. By retrofitting existing waste-to-biogas plants, we can increase renewable natural gas production by up to 40% and recover other components as added-value products, such as bio-fertilizers. Cetogenix‘s technologies eliminate the need for organic wastes to be landfilled or incinerated, lowering their environmental impacts, and generating novel added-value market opportunities...learn more.

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Some facts:

Municipal wastes and fossil energy contribute 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions
Increasing volumes of organic waste, now 1.5 billion tonnes per year and growing
Increasing production of fossil energy – natural gas now at 3746 km3 per year and still growing
New legislation is mandating substitution of natural gas to renewable natural gas (e.g. British Columbia 20%)
Farmers are under increasing pressure to redirect livestock waste from land application (e.g. BC 80% farmers non-compliant)
Less than 5% of the renewable natural gas potential for waste conversion is being achieved
Cetogenix Ceto-Boost product


Unlocking the hidden potential of organic waste

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Retrofit system for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants
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Increase Renewable Natural Gas yield by up to 40%
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Recover nutrients as added-value bio-fertilizer
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Designed to plug in to any existing AD plant

Taking today to tomorrow!

Anaerobic Digestion is a well-proven waste-to-gas process that treats a range of organic waste feedstocks.
It is a great technology, and we believe we can help make it even better, by boosting gas production and providing new value for the digestate stream. Cetogenix technologies leverage significant background IP established by the team on the core process technology.

Cetogenix is a waste conversion technology company that
  • Optimises gas production
  • Recovers processing by-products
Wastewater treatment plant

The Cetogenix leadership team comes with high credentials

Our highly experienced leadership team have extensive global connections and collaborations in both environmental science, technologies development, and waste management sectors.


Dr Trevor Stuthridge
Dr Trevor Stuthridge
Managing Director
Dr Daniel Gapes
Dr Daniel Gapes
Chief Scientific Officer
Robert Lei
Robert Lei
Chief Commercial Officer
Alexandra Stuthridge
Alexandra Stuthridge
Chief Operations Officer


Lachlan Nixon
Lachlan Nixon
Executive Director
Henry Ou
Henry Ou
Board Member
Bill Jiang
Bill Jiang
Board Member