We must transition from fossil carbon

Bioresources are a sustainable alternative…

…if transformed into renewable products…

…with no waste left behind

Building renewable futures

About Cetogenix

Cetogenix is a New Zealand-based, global-focused climate tech company unlocking the hidden potential of organic waste streams to deliver renewable carbon resources.

Our Ceto-Boost™ platform uses the power of hydrothermal oxidation to precisely deconstruct and ultimately transform waste into useful products, such as renewable natural gas, renewable chemicals, and biomaterials, at a scale that will be instrumental in replacing our reliance on fossil resources.

Address barriers to sustainable waste management
Eliminate critical sources of greenhouse gas emissions
Enable the de-fossilisation of our daily lives


Fossil carbon remains an essential part of our lives, but its acquisition, use, and disposal has led to planet-level issues.

We must actively transition away from fossil carbon to renewable alternatives.

Cetogenix believes organic waste bioresources are the most compelling alternative.

Humanity produces
100 billion
tonnes of carbon-rich waste annually from sewage, food production, crop residues & animals.
Less than
Is used or treated.

Our technology, Ceto-Boost™, reimagines this vast, under utilised resource of non-fossil carbon to deliver significant untapped environmental and economic advantages – and tackle some of the critical barriers to today’s unsustainable waste management practices:

Addressing the complex, distributed nature of organic wastes

Avoiding land application as their default final destination

Optimising value recovery potential

Eliminating zero-value by-products and contaminants


Hydrothermal Oxidation

Hydrothermal oxidation is an advanced thermal conversion process that utilises the unique chemistry of water and oxygen to break down complex organic wastes into simple useful compounds:

Operating at moderate temperatures and pressures, the process can be optimised for a wide range of applications and product yields.

The oxidation reactions generate enough heat to sustain the process without needing external energy input.

Challenging chemical and biological contaminants, such as micro-plastics and pathogens, are destroyed or isolated through hydrothermal oxidation.

Unlike many other thermal processes, hydrothermal oxidation does not:

produce problematic by-products, such as toxic effluents or air pollutants.

require energy intensive pre-drying.

produce new products requiring new markets, such as biochar.

The unique attributes of hydrothermal oxidation enable maximum resource recovery and emission efficiency.

Cetogenix has translated this technology into our proprietary platform - Ceto-Boost™


Traditional implementations of hydrothermal oxidation have typically been centred around large-scale bespoke reactor systems with a primary focus on waste destruction.

Cetogenix has reimagined hydrothermal oxidation to create a modular product optimised for waste deconstruction to maximise resource recovery.

The result is a 95 percent reduction in organic waste volumes, but with exceptional value addition and climate change mitigation.

Ceto-Boost™ hydrothermal oxidation systems are standardised modules enabling complete flexibility and scalability in both established infrastructure and new-build facilities.


Cetogenix builds off a >15-year R&D focus on advanced hydrothermal processing and waste-to-value technologies by our co-founders.

Since 2022, Cetogenix has established a first-of-kind TRL-5 Ceto-Boost™ prototype system at our Rotorua site, formalised commercial relationships across global target markets, and built up our IP “moat” through new patent filings and IP licenses.


Four international
TRL-7/8 trials


commercial sale


6.3 MT CO2e
GHG offsets/yr


Municipal Wastewater

Municipal wastewater treatment plants are very dependent on secure off-site disposal of biosolids, which often involves transport to agricultural land application or large-scale incineration.

These single market and single technology pathways are increasingly under market and regulatory pressures due to contaminants, costs, and social license.

Ceto-Boost™ can be readily integrated into existing wastewater treatment plant infrastructure, decoupling the site from dependence on offsite disposal of biosolids.

Agricultural Biogas

Rapid growth in demand for biogas is being fuelled by many factors, including climate policy and markets paying significant premiums for green fuel.

Ceto-Boost™ provides a game-changing opportunity for agricultural biogas plants to receive feedstocks that were previously uneconomic due to poor yields, increase biomethane production by more than 40%, and reduce their dependence on digestate disposal.

Unlocking new feedstocks and enhancing overall carbon efficiency will enable biogas to play an even greater role in the transition to renewables.

The potential to concentrate and separate nutrients as a result of Ceto-Boost™ will also enable the targeted use of these in established value chains as fertilisers and industrial chemicals.

Industrial Wastes

These waste streams can come from a variety of sources, such as by-products of food processing, pharmaceuticals, and industrial wastewater treatment sludges.

Ceto-Boost™ modular systems have the potential to enable onsite management of industrial organic waste streams at a matched scale, eliminating the need for offsite disposal, and reducing the GHG emissions footprint of the associated industrial products.

Our People

Our talented team is the driving force behind Cetogenix's success with Ceto-Boost™.

Our management, technical, and governance teams include experienced leaders and specialists from New Zealand with international experience. The leadership team excels in environmental science, technology development, waste management, and commercialisation, having developed our founding technology at Scion. Our core team is currently focused on scaling Ceto-Boost™ and products beyond our first offering. Supporting roles provide vital services and expertise, contributing significantly to our progress.

Check out the team, our board, and you can also watch a short video to see more about Cetogenix.

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