Companies like Cetogenix are developing systems to process “digestate”

Green Molecules - How to Get Natural Gas to Net Zero

‍Green Molecules for Deep Decarbonization Recently, the American Gas Association (AGA) published a report titled “Net-Zero Emissions Opportunities for Gas Utilities”, highlighting potential pathways for natural gas utilities to achieve net zero emissions...Companies like Cetogenix are developing systems to process “digestate”
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Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society

Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society is excited to support the development and deployment of this potentially game changing technology in Canada.

Congratulations on this fundraising milestone Trevor Stuthridge and team. Anaerobic digestion is an extremely mature technology that has not advanced substantially in a long time. Cetogenix can be inserted at multiple points to dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness...
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Cetogenix Leadership Team

Hot off the press! 2021 Climate Response Accelerator Alumni, Cetogenix, have raised $4.5M seed funding

Big things are ahead for them - keep them on your radar! Who are they? A NZ based CleanTech company focused on developing sustainable solutions to tackle climate change at a global scale. Find out more:
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We're excited to share the news that clean tech start-up Cetogenix has raised $4.5 million in seed funding for waste-to-energy technology to aid global decarbonisation efforts.

From Scion's perspective, it's rewarding to see R&D translated to a commercial outcome as the Cetogenix executive team were the driving force for the original science and technology undertaken at Scion..
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